[OOC] Registering to the Department of Corrections Forums

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[OOC] Registering to the Department of Corrections Forums

Post by Galen_Hawkins » August 3rd, 2012, 9:22 pm

Hello. Welcome to the Department of Corrections forums and thank you for showing interest in our LSRP faction. You will find our forums to be similar in functions as the main LSRP forums.

However, we impose certain guidelines to registering on our forums. You are free to register at any time, for whatever purposes you want; getting in touch with one of our members, being updated on the newsletters, applying, etcetera.

However, from this moment on, we would like to ask you that if you apply to our forums, you do it in a [name]_[name] format. This may be a name not relevant to anything, not even LSRP, your LSRP username, or whatever. This is due to the fact that any names differing from such a format can be considered spam bots. We do not check any of the names here if they happen to be LSRP usernames. So if you register with your LSRP forum name, you may find yourself banned one day. We occassionally ban a bunch of spambots to prevent them from doing what they are made for; spamming.

Also, we like to ask you that whenever you register, you may not do so just to harrass any of our members. Do not spam them, do not insult them or anything of the kind. This will result in a ban from our forums, in some cases even LSRP reports.

Thank you for reading this.


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