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Facility Information, Visiting, Contacting an Inmate

Post by John_Winnfield » January 27th, 2013, 3:00 pm


The San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF) is committed to ensuring a safe and secure institution that provides quality medical, educational, vocational, and correctional programs for all inmates confined to SACF. The goal of SACF is to achieve total rehabilitation and community reintegration upon release. SACF is a complex, multi-mission institution comprised of two General Population housing facilities and a Security Housing Unit. In addition, the institution has an Infirmary, Visiting Center, and Prison Industry laundry/workshop.


SACF was opened in October 2012. As of May 2014, the following statistics apply:

Number of custody staff: 71
Number of support services staff: 31
Number of medical staff: 13

Annual operating budget: $100 Million

Design Capacity: 200
Average Count: 30

Contact an Inmate

Inmates may be contacted through the mail or by phone. Inmates may be sent letters, cards, books, food, care packages, etc. All mail is thoroughly inspected by correctional staff before delivery, and mail may be returned or seized if it contains contraband or inappropriate material. Any attempts to intentionally smuggle contraband through the mail will be met with criminal prosecution. The inmate mailing address is:

Inmate's Name & Cell/Housing (If Known)
San Andreas Correctional Facility
Deadman's Road
Bone County 212, SA

Inmates can make but cannot receive phone calls. The usage of prison phones is a privilege which can be revoked at the discretion of prison staff, such as for a violation of prison rules. Some inmate housing assignments do not have phones. All phone calls are recorded and may be monitored.

Visiting Information

Our visiting hours are 8:00am to 10:00pm each day of the week. ((24/7, depending on staff availability.))

Visits must be arranged in person and cannot be made by appointment. Prior to arriving at the institution, ensure that you possess an official form of identification and that you are not wearing clothing that resembles what prisoners or custodial staff wear. You may not bring any items into the visit with the exception of medical and religious devices. All visitors will be searched before they are allowed into the visiting room.
Please be advised that visiting is subject to closure without notice during lockdowns and/or other serious incidents. Staff availability is also a factor. Ultimately, the ability to obtain a visit is at the discretion of prison administrators. For additional visiting information, including current visiting status, or information about visiting rules and regulations, speak to an officer at the front desk.

Driving directions from Los Santos:
1. Take the Mulholland freeway north to Las Venturas.
2. Take the Las Venturas freeway west to Fallow Bridge.
3. Drive north to Fort Carson and continue northwest to the train station.
4. Drive north from the train station to SACF.


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